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Sa-adiya English Medium Residential Senior Secondary School(SEMRS) was formally established in 1984. SEMRS is a co-educational institution run by Jamia Sa-adiya Arabia Organization. Our school comprises around 3000 students from LKG to XII. Our school is one of the model outstanding schools that has diverse activities resulting in a well balanced program encompassing all the three dimensions of education - the academics, the co-curricular activities and the sports. Our school has continuously given cent percent results in both X and XII Board Exams and these prodigies are working as professionals in medical, engineering, management and other superior careers in India as well as all over the world.

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At Sa-adiya, we pursue child-centred and activity oriented education with a view to make our children confident, responsible and reliant to be better achievers of the coming generation, Spiritual growth plays pivotal role in the overall development of a child and with this intention, the school facilitates mid-day prayers for our students. This has been found to play key role in maintaining better discipline in the campus.

School run by Jamia Sa-adiya Arabiya Unique Religious, Socio-Cultural, Educational and Charitable organization registered under societies Registration Act 1985.the member of the society are as follow: